Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Egyptian Symbols )

NO Egyptian symbols in 6th Grade.  J Learn to read and write English first. J

Technology Bio

I really enjoy the use of technology in the classroom.  I work hard to try and provide the students and parents adequate information on what we are doing in the classroom.  My experience in technology has allowed me the opportunity to teach teachers the use of technology specifically esis, esis grade book, and first class client web pages.  Knowing technology makes the organization of the classroom and school more presentable and more accessible to the community.  I do not consider myself to be and expert however I would feel comfortable in saying the I do have strong knowledge in technology and I look forward to further learning opportunities so that I can continue to improve on my knowledge and one day I can be considered an expert.

First Aid Power Point

On Saturday I continued working on my power point presentation on First Aid.  I learned how to best use video in the power point.  I used a website called keepvid.com to turn you tube videos into mp4 videos and then dropped them into the power point.  I am real excited to have been able to start using a 77 slide power point to teach my 10th grade health students concepts of first aid.  I broke down each slide into categories and every few categories I was able to add a short 2 minutes video to help me with the demonstration of certain concepts along the way.  So as a teaching tool students heard me read the power point while students read the power point and then students took down notes.  After seeing, listening and hearing the slides they then got to watch a slide showing a demonstration.  After that students got to see me demonstrate the concept and then got to practice themselves on the same concepts taught in class.  I feel like I got to provide the students many ways of both teaching and learning of concepts by using the power point presentation.  I could not be more happy then feeling so organized in the lesson planning and of course the teaching of the days plan.  The best part of it is that my school administrators love seeing my creativity in the classroom.  The compliments are nice to hear.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My professional Web Page

My professional Web Page a work in progress...  :)

Power Point Lesson Planning

I consider myself to have adequate knowledge in technology.  However, it was not until this class did I recognized the importance power point presentation could have in my everyday teaching.  This is a work in progress.

Garage Band
web building - google,
google documents
digital equity
web 1.0 vs web 2.0
web 2.0 tools
ipod/ipad teaching
Final Proposal

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2/12 CLASS

I was not exactly sure what to expect as I have just joined the class.  However, this class more than reached my expectations.  I have always used basic technology and have hoped to learn even more.  Such as how to build surveys and to better use document share.  The immediate happened today.  I see a huge advantage  in being able to seek information from both students and colleagues.  What a great first day.  I apologize to all my classmates for being a late add.  I had several obstacles that I needed to clear before I could officially register for class.  Also a big thanks to our professor for allowing me to attend.

NFL Survey

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